Rhomb.io will be at Embedded World 2018

Nuremberg, Germany. From 27-02 to 01-03-2018
Hall 2 at stand 3-354. Connect with our social networks for more details.


How to create a "must-have" device, that highlight among others available on the market?

Are you sure than your devices will be worn by the end users more than one year?

Give to your devices the keys to differentiate it to competitors devices in such a competitive landscape, addiding it the first IoT modular Platform.Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. Our M2M portfolio is enabling solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, retail services, smart energy, transportation, logistics, automotive.

"Rhomb.io is a proof that allow you the posibility to build something and get very quick results. Unless you want something very custom."

Private, secure and reliable network. Under the best national and international operators with the most coverage


Manage and control all your devices through our online system or use the API to create your own platform.


Discover the first modular tracker on the market. Manage your device fleets from anywhere in the world.


Your connectivity module with SIM Holder or eSIM.


You can Interrupt your SIM cards consumption when you want, and this will be suspended and until it is reactivated. This gives you the ability to block your customers' devices if they do not fulfill their obligations.

Also, our devices brings you the possibility to work with your current phone operators.


Activate, deactivate, suspend, set consumption limits and much more.

All from a single web-enabled interface. Optimize your business by securely using our platform or even build your own though our API


Control and manage your car fleet, werables, tablets/PC, MHealth…

Optimize your routes in real time, pay per use and reduce your costs, monitoring your devices and alert if something wrong hapened.


Security, Life Cycle Management, Identity Managment, Remote Assisted, Wearables fitness trackers…

Furthermore, our modularity gives you the oportunity to add more “values” to end users,(werables, smarthphones, tablets, PCs… Value like NFC, encryptation, access control, contactless payment…

Rhomb.io modularity provides a long life M2M solutions, digital security, application management