More than 60 modules, 100% compatible
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    Make your own design.
    Make your own product.
    Make your own business.

The Core

Empowering your project
Rhomb.io’s core is the processor.


Fit your idea in your product
Designed your own PCB.

The Module

More than 60 different modules
ready to expand your imagination.

Freedom means the opportunity to do what we never thought.

Create your new prototype, develop it and then change what you need. The platform is 100% modular. There are 3 different kinds of PCBs, more than 60 modules and different kind of processors from different manufacturers to adapt the power of Rhomb.io to your project. The flexibility of this system brings a new generation of developed for the developers.

Combine parts like you want, to improve your present and your future


Select the motherboard which is most suited to your design.
There are motherboards focused on hardware and software design.

Class 1

Is the kind of PCB that allows you to connect a Rhomb.io core and Rhomb.io modules. High-End Processors and multimedia functionalities.

Class 2

Is the kind of PCB that allows you connect Rhomb.io modules. Use it as standalone PCB with "The Master", building small and versatile multifunctional devices.

Class 3

That allows you connect Rhomb.io to other systems. This class of PCB is compatible with other systems in the market, like Arduino, Raspberry, etc.


In today’s electronic industry, Fast Time to Market and Time to Profit are key to customer satisfaction and being competitiveness.

Be faster, more flexible and more competitive than your competitors. Be part of a new age of products, be part of that, be modular. We are embedding the modularity into different products. Rhomb.io’s modularity allows you to build a device ready to sell. Build it, modify it even after building, upgrade with a different Module or Core, and create again starting with your developed product.

The market is constantly changing. The Rhomb system allows the user to modify the hardware even after manufacturer.