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    The new hardware standard gives you the freedom to develop your new project faster than you ever thought. is a complete modular system for the construction of hardware devices that gives you the flexibility to design, develop and bring to serial production any type of electronic device. From a small prototype to a star product. Without complex routing, only simple parts that are compatible throughout the system means low investment and fast time to market, as well as providing flexibility to move or change technology even after manufacturing.

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    Be free in your life

    Among the main barriers when bringing your product to market there’s usually the economic and time investments required, along with the need for an experienced team. We keep pin-to-pin compatibility among many IC manufacturers, giving the user the option to move their project forward to the next stage, without having to change the design of the device. Also, with, simple microcontrollers can be combined with high-end microprocessors on the same carrier board. helps you overcome the barriers between you and your goal. is a Scalable Technology

    Modular system is a modular and scalable system, designed to build your product but also for evaluation and rapid prototyping. Go from proof-of-concept stage to a final product in just a few steps, even with the same boards.

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