No cost
No commitment
First 10 units free

We want to demonstrate the flexibility and potential of the fastest way to prepare your product for market. For this reason we are offering free electronic engineering services at no cost for the 4 best projects that apply to our "Get Free Engineering" contest.

The only requisites you need to apply are:
  • You need to prove you will be able to sell the product on your own.
  • The proposed product fits within the platform.
  • You must have a Business Plan to justify your project.
  • Please read Terms and Conditions before applying.
  • A document where the application details and hardware needs are described
    • Once the project is accepted there can be no modifications.
    • The project will be declined if the documentation is not complete.
    • The participant should have all the information about the kind of hardware needed.
    • No geographic limits. Worldwide applications will be accepted.
What's included
  • 2 working prototypes
  • 10 PCB's of working product ( parts only)
  • Hardware Parts
  • Repositories with example Code or Basic OS
  • The product will be displayed at least in one of the following fairs:
    • CES 2018 Las Vegas EEUU (pending confirm assistance)
    • Embedded World 2018 Nuremberg, Germany
    • Electronica 2018 Munich, Germany
  • No commitment with, you retain the freedom to choose the part provider.
  • Follow the project using our online tool.
  • All the schematics, gerber, production files will be delivered with the 10 PCB's
What's Not Included:
  • Mechanical tooling
  • Software applications
  • Certifications
  • Software development
  • Mechanical parts
  • Mold injection tooling

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