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Secrets to IoT success has collaborated with Pelion as a technology partner.

Recently, Forrester Spotlight study, commissioned by Pelion, investigates the challenges and opportunities that the IoT is offering.

Forrester found that organizations should look at IoT as a customer-centric opportunity while remaining focused on the bigger picture.

Pelion key takeaways

There have been few runaway IoT success stories to date: Challenges have included unconvincing use cases, overemphasis on technology as a stumbling block.

Objective fragmentation and misalignment as well as the ever-present security concerns.

We’re currently seeing next generation IoT solutions emerge: IoT is ideally incorporated as part of digital transformation efforts, based on clear business objectives.

Cellular is on the rise as connectivity of choice for IoT technology: Cellular IoT can offer better security, bandwidth, and coverage, built on the acceleration of 5G networks.

The recommended way forward for successful IoT solutions: Organizations need to boost open innovation, using lean, agile, and design thinking methods.

There’s a focus on developing the right IoT partner ecosystem and designing for a platform-based approach. provides end to end solutions, intelligent, customized, flexible, secure, scalable, future proof and easy to deploy. Playing on the same team as Pelion, grows stronger to create more powerful projects. Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact with us.