The Helios board is a Class 3 Carrier Board that integrates the modular ecosystem in a development board. Helios is immediately useful, you only need a Master module plugged on the board to start to develop your projects quickly and easily. Is not a simple development board, it is the most upgradable device you will find on the market. It gives the opportunity to easily assemble your machine according not only to your needs, but to your imagination.

The most common interfaces such USB, UART, I2C, SPI, digital inputs/outputs are available on the board. But there are no limits on the Helios capabilities: LoRa, ZigBee, movement sensing, GPS…, all those are available on standard Slave modules. The only thing you need is to connect them on the corresponding sockets. Furthermore, several microcontrollers of different manufacturers are compatible thanks to modular technology. If there is a need for more processing power, you don’t need to replace the Helios, the only thing you have to do is replace the Master module for another more

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