L476DMW1K – Arm® Mbed™ Enabled IoT Kit


RHOMBIO_L476DMW1K is a kit based on Rhomb.io boards that are ready to build electronic devices that can be connected to Arm Mbed

The kit is composed of:

L476DMW1K is a kit which consists of 4 rhomb.io boards that are ready to build electronic end-devices, this kit runs Arm® Mbed™ OS and will soon be approved to connect to Arm Pelion™ Device Management.
The kit is composed of:

Deimos carrier board is a multi-platform ready-for-product board, with a reduced form factor and Li-Ion battery charger. It has three sockets available: one for a Master module and two for Slave modules, allowing multiple combinations with a number of peripherals/sensors. Also, up to 44 I/O and power pins are accessible for easy connection to a wide range of peripherals.

STM32L476 Master module is a powerful MCU module based on an ultra-low power Cortex-M4+FPU running up to 80MHz. External QSPI, secure element and USB switch are also included.

ESP8266 Slave module, based on the popular and certified WiFi module by Espressif

DAPter module is a removable DAPlink interface, a great tool for flashing and debugging rhomb.io Master modules

The kit is designed for both development purposes and inclusion in complete end-devices ready to be connected to cloud computing platforms. In addition, there is the possibility of adding any type of rhomb.io Slave modules like communications, sensing, storage or any other modules from the catalog. The kit is ready to build, program and install in your product. All kit’s boards are 100% compliant with the rhomb.io ecosystem.

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